HeartFelt Silks creates elegant silk scarves embossed with beautiful Merino wool patterns. We craft two of the softest natural fibers into a single fashion accessory. The merino and silk fibers are felted into one unique piece, creating luxurious warmth combined with the soft elegance of silk.

We offer a selection of 4 styles to choose from:

1. Silk Bloom (needle and wet felting)

2. Winter Frost (needle and wet felting)

3. Lightweight Summer Scarf (wet felting)

4. Merino Prefelt (wet felting)


HeartFelt Silks’ Robbin Firth is a fiber artist who teaches classes on felting techniques. Due to numerous requests by her students and boutiques, she has developed creation kits for those who want to make their own felting accessories. Each kit includes instructions and carefully chosen combinations of silk, wool and embellishing fibers. Each kit includes merino wool and embellishing fibers, and silk threads for needle felting.

Each scarf kit enables you to create your own unique work of wearable art and let your creativity flourish.


HeartFelt Silks now offers a great variety of colors of prefect fabric! Perfect for any project in your home or at our classes.

Superfine 100% Australian Merino Wool Prefelt, for use in wet felting and Nuno felting. Very soft, 19.5 micron count merino. Each hand-cut sheet measures approximately 11″ x 72″ (28cm x 182cm). Perfect for making scarves, accessories, clothing, and home decor items. Available in many beautiful and vibrant colors. Please see photos for all color options and make your color sections.

Visit the Heartfelt Silks shop to order your favorite colors today!


Long Upwolfing mat to use in the art and craft of wet felting.

Created by felt artists and inventor Irene Van Der Wold from the Netherlands, the Upwolfing felting technique is taking over the felting world by storm! Heartfelt Silks is proud to be a USA distributor of select Upwolfing products..

The Upwolfing mat is great for creating texture and nodules on felted projects. You can also cut the mat into other shapes, if desired.

Video: Felting Tutorial

This VIDEO TUTORIAL includes complete step-by-step instructions, detailed explanations, and helpful tips. Step into Robbin’s beautiful HeartFelt Silks studio, and follow along as Robbin walks you through the process of making your very own luxurious hand-felted Wool Locks Shawl. Learn how to prepare wool locks, how to create a proper layout, how to use resists, and how to complete the felting process from start to finish. This tutorial uses the Palm Washboard felting method, developed by Robbin Firth. This Palm Washboard method is easier on the body than other traditional felting methods, and this method speeds up the felting process. Robbin will help you master the Palm Washboard technique while creating a one-of-a-kind glamorous wool locks shawl.

The Palm Washboard®

The Palm Washboards fit nicely in your hand and when used in a circular motion helps bond the fibers faster and stronger than using traditional wet felting methods. There is no longer a need for rolling which makes the process much less labor intensive.

We are excited to offer our patented tools that greatly simplify the final steps of wet felting. This allows you to focus on your creativity as the tedium of hand rolling has been entirely removed from the process. Using our tools you can combine elements of needle felting, nuno felting and wet felting. The process is easy to learn and will help you design your accessories like a pro.

The Palm Washboards are made of beautiful Hard Maple, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Red and White Oak. All tools are packaged and sold with a mesh netting fabric and instructions. 1 year limited warranty.

All Palm Washboard tools are individually handcrafted, sizes are approximate and will vary.

5″ Diameter x 1.75″ Height

The patented Palm Washboard is the newest and greatest way to wet felt your fibers together. We designed and developed it here at HeartFelt Silks In Stillwater, Minnesota. Made from native hard woods sealed and has 3 coats of a two-part epoxy.

5″ Diameter x 1.75″ Height

We introduced our newest felting tool, the Edge Palm Washboard, designed specifically for areas that need fine and detailed felting manipulation, as well as for working on ruffles and seams.

3 – 3.5″ Diameter x 1.75″ Height

For the use of Wet Felting inside vessels, hats and any project with a circular shape. Made from native hard woods sealed with three coats of epoxy finish.

3 – 3.5″ Diameter

The mini Palm Washboard is perfectly sized for smaller pieces. Made from Minnesota Oak, Maple, Black Walnut, Black Cherry or Butternut.

7″ Diameter x 1.75 – 2″ Height

The Jumbo Palm Washboard felting tool from HeartFelt Silks is for wet felting garment, scarves, shawls, and larger flat items, wall hangings, tapestry.

7″ Diameter x 2.25″ Height

The wedge Palm Washboard is perfectly sized for smaller pieces. Made from Minnesota Oak, Maple, Black Walnut, Black Cherry or Butternut.

4″ Diameter x 2.25″ Height

The newest addition to the Palm Washboard family of tools for wet felting — the MINI WEDGE Palm Washboard. This unique wet felting tool has a sharp point and a rounded end. It is ideal for small areas that have tight corners, and for fine felting manipulation.

5″ Around, 1.75″ Tall. Handle is 2″ Across.

This Deep Palm Washboard is designed for the purpose of combining wool locks with a merino base. This will give you a a loose textured look to your locks and felt.