Fall Schedule of Felting Classes at the HeartFelt Silks Studio

The Fall schedule of felting classes at our HeartFelt Silks studio in Hudson, WI is now available. Please see below for details. Space at each class is limited, and classes fill up quickly, so be sure to call early to register. See you soon!


Learn the art of FELTING!
Take a felting class with fiber artist Robbin Firth at HeartFelt Silks® Studio
Let your creativity flourish and create unique fashion accessories and home decor objects!
Location: 401 Second Street, Hudson, WI 54016  at SEASONS on St. Croix Gallery


Wet Felted Scarf with 3D Effects
In this fun class it’s all about wool, sticks and embellishing fibers. You are going to create a scarf with 3D effects, combining elements of layering and a little slicing and dicing. This is all done with the use of the patent-pending Palm Washboard felting tools. We will experiment, and there will be surprises in store for all of us. Come join the fun! Bring a couple of towels.
Material fee & class fee: $65.00              
Wednesday, October 9, 6pm-9pm
Cross Hatch Scarf
Create your own lattice style scarf or wrap that looks like an open weave of criss-crossed fibers. This technique makes a beautiful scarf that looks complicated, but is easy to learn. We will use merino roving, silk embellishing threads and your own scrap yarn bits to create the design, and then wet felt with Robbin’s Palm Washboard, and her innovative non-rolling technique.There will be many colors to pick from. Please bring some towels.
Material & class fee: $65.00                        
Wednesday, October 16, 6pm-9pm                                
Merino Prefelt Scarf/Cowl
Create an original scarf or cowl using Australian merino prefelt and many hand dyed merino silk and embellishing fibers. Robbin will show you the process of wet felting using the Palm Washboard tool. You will create a double sided design on your scarf or cowl. Bring some towels.
Material & class fee: $65.00                            
Wednesday, October 23, 6pm-9pm
Wet Felted Double Ruffle Scarf
Create a Double Ruffle Scarf using Merino wool and the Palm Washboard felting tool. Use the new  Edge Palm Washboard along with resists and layering techniques. There will be one main layer for the base of your scarf and two outer layers of ruffles. If you love ruffles  this will be a great class for you! There will be many colors to pick from. Bring a couple of towels.
Material & class fee: $75.00                         
Tuesday, November 12, 1pm-5pm                           
HeartFelts Silks Hat on a Ball
Create a one-of-a-kind hat and learn the technique of wet felting using wool roving, silk hankies & silk noils.  Never felted before? Don’t worry,  you will be able to recreate this project again and again. Want a fun project to do with friends or family? This is stylish but easy to make. Bring a couple of towels and a bowl that fits your head.
Material & class fee:$70.00                           
Wednesday, November 6, 5:30pm-9pm
Wet Felted Christmas Stocking
Create a Wet Felted Christmas Stocking using the Palm Washboard and cardboard resist. You will be combining Merino wool roving, layering techniques and experimenting with embellishing fibers. Top the stocking off with beautiful wool locks using a needle-felting technique. There will be many colors to pick from. Bring a couple of towels, and your needle-felting tool (optional).
Material & class fee: $65.00               
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 6pm-9pm        
Tuesday, Dec. 3, 6pm-9pm


Other felting classes can be arranged by appointment. Private and group instruction available. Contact Robbin for details.