Winter and Spring 2015 Felting Classes with HeartFelt Silks

It’s a new year and a new season of felting classes at the HeartFelt Silks Studio at SEASONS on St. Croix Gallery! Find the list of Winter and Spring 2015 classes below. Other felting classes (including private and group instruction) can be arranged by appointment.
All registrations are done via phone or email and must be prepaid. 
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Take a felting class with fiber artist Robbin Firth at HeartFelt Silks® Studio  
Let your creativity flourish and create unique fashion accessories and home decor objects! 
Location: 401 Second Street, Hudson, WI 54016  at SEASONS on St. Croix Gallery
  phone: 651-263-7275        email: 


Felted Vessels with Resist

Create a one-of-a-kind vessel with 3D effects and learn the technique of wet felting using wool roving, UPWOLFING cutouts. These unique vessels make bold decorative and functional objects of home decor.  Robbin will teach you a faster way to felt using the Palm Washboards and the new Wedge Palm Washboards felting tools. Felting experience required. 2 day workshop.

Material & class fee: 
Saturday & Sunday, January 17th-18th 12pm-5:30pm

Felted Cross Hatch Scarf

Create your own lattice-style scarf or wrap. This technique makes a beautiful scarf that looks complicated, but is easy to learn. Use merino wool roving of various colors, silk embellishing threads, and your own scrap yarn bits to create the design, and then wet felt with Robbin’s Palm Washboard felting tool, and her innovative non-rolling technique. Felting experience required.

Material & class fee: 

Saturday, February 7th 1pm-4pm  

Felted Raw Locks Scarf

A superfine merino wool will start as your luxurious base fiber; then, layer in raw Blue Faced Leicester sheep locks onto the merino base. Just a small amount of rolling and use of a custom designed felting tool, and your wet felting adventure will produce a scarf with a soft texture, but a curly and chunky appearance. Please note: raw locks do have a slight odor. Felting experience required.

Material & class fee: 

 Saturday, February 28th 1pm-4:30pm

upw col.jpg

Discover the creative and unusual UPWOLFING felting technique! Learn the basics of UPWOLFING invented in Eruope by Irene Van Der Wolf. In this class we will experiment with a small UPWOLFING mat and Merino Wool Prefelt. You will create patterns and designs that you can later use in other felting projects. This class will go over advanced UPWOLFING techniques and products.

Material & class fee: 

Friday, April 10th 6pm-9pm

Saturday, April 18th 1pm-4pm

Felted Flowers and Vines
Create beautiful and delicate flowers with stems to make belts and necklaces. This class will take you through the basics of making the flowers with the Palm Washboard felting tools. Robbin will show you an easy technique to create the stems and then a way to connect them to the flowers for fashionable accessories. Felting experience is required.

Material and class fee: 

Saturday, May 2nd 1pm-4:30pm

Friday, May 29th 5:30pm-9pm

Please bring a couple of towels to the class/es you attend.

All registrations are done via phone or email and must be prepaid. Other felting classes can be arranged by appointment. Private and group instruction available. Contact Robbin at 651-263-7275 for details. If you cancel 2 or more weeks prior to class date, there will be a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 2 weeks from class date, there will be a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel the day before or day of class, there will be no refunds. A full refund will be made if a class is canceled by the instructor.

All registrations are done via phone or email and must be prepaid.

                            651-263-7275        email:

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