HeartFelt Silks is located in the

Seasons on St. Croix Gallery

401 Second Street, Hudson  WI





October 2014 is



HeartFelt Silks Studio


Seasons on St. Croix Gallery

in Hudson, WI



We will present EIGHT (8) FELTMAKING WORKSHOPS throughout the month, taught by Robbin Firth and guest fiber artists/instructors from this region and from around the country.


Click here for schedule and complete details on each workshop
Who: Contact Robbin Firth directly via email with all inquiries regarding the workshops 





Robbin Firth has been working in the fiber arts for over 18 years. Her beautiful silk scarves are individually hand crafted from the finest fibers on earth. Imported from Australia, Europe, and Asia, these fibers are combined to create unique works of art.

The amazing patent-pending Palm Washboard tool for wet felting eliminates the need for rolling! This lets you explore new design ideas and removes tedious labor. Each tool is handcrafted by Harry Firth in his woodcraft shop in Stillwater, Minnesota. He lathes each piece from select hardwoods and finishes them with three coats of a two-step epoxy application process. They are built to last and are the greatest tools for wet felting.




Robbin Firth, a fiber artist, and Harry Firth, a wood artist, are the wife and husband HeartFelt Silks team. Robbin Firth has been active in the fiber arts for over 18 years. She enjoys all areas of fiber art creation: working with raw fibers, carding and blending, dyeing, spinning, and knitting. She also wet felts and needle felts to create extraordinary pieces of wearable art and fiber art for the home.


HeartFelt Silks teaching and working studio includes a small retail space and is located in beautiful Hudson, Wisconsin at the magnificent and award winning Seasons on the St. Croix Gallery. Her artwork can be seen at Textile Center Gift Shop - a nationally recognized organization for fiber and textile arts, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and at the Lily Wellness Center in Burnsville, Minnesota.


If you would like to learn more about Robbin's technique and process, you can take a class from her at many local venues, including the Heartfelt Silks studio located in Seasons on the St. Croix Gallery, Textile Center, Phipps Center for the Arts, and the Studio at Rush Creek. Robbin also offers private lessons.


Harry Firth became interested in working with wood when we was a kid. He has been developing his talent for wood crafting now for about twenty-five years. He makes tables, chairs, cabinets, fishing rod handles, hat blocks, shawl pins, yarn bowls, and wood inlays. Harry also does chainsaw milling and chainsaw art. He has been lathe turning for the last ten years.


Harry’s tool, The Palm Washboard, fits nicely in your hand and when used in a circular motion helps bond the fibers faster and stronger than using traditional wet felting methods. There is no longer a need for rolling which makes the process much less labor intensive. The Palm Washboards are made of beautiful Hard Maple, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Red and White Oak.




Artistry in silk and fine wool. Woodcraft tools for fiber enthusiasts. Artist, Educator, Fabric Designer, Online Retailer.


Last Updated: 6/26/2014