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The teaching studio at HeartFelt Silks is always buzzing with classes and activities. Take a deep dive into a fine felting technique or create a fun project from start to finish in our classroom space specially designed for felting and dyeing classes.

Robbin Firth is a master teacher in the arts of felting and natural dyeing. She teaches classes for every skill level from beginner to advanced felting and botanical printing. Class sizes are small so that every student can have one-on-one attention and the opportunity to ask questions.

Wet Felting

From felting with locks to merino pre-felts, we offer classes that will teach you the techniques for wet felting wool in any format.

Nuno Felting

Combine silk, velvet and other fabrics with your felt to create one-of-a-kind fabrics that are a fusion of the two.

Natural Dyes & Eco Printing

Use natural plant and botanical materials to add color and pattern to your fabrics.

Guest Artists

We invite guest artists to the studio to teach embroidery, needle felting, digital printing and more.

Private Classes & Events

Want to have a class with just you and a group of friends? We offer private lessons and classes designed just for your group.

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Here are some examples of the classes available with Robbin Firth at Heartfelt Silks. Check the schedule below to see what's coming up!

  • Nuno Felted Spiral Wrap
  • Felted Cowl Scarf
  • Felted Leaves for Home Decor
  • Botanical Printing on Handmade Felt
  • Botanical Printing with Indigo
  • Felted Lock Collar
  • Eco Printed Garments
  • Botanical Printing with Titanium Oxalate & Natural Dyes
  • Felted Flowers
  • Upwolfing
  • Felted Vessels
  • Botanical Printing with Madder

Upcoming Events

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