About the Artists

HeartFelt Silks is your destination for unique handcrafted Palm Washboard® feltmaking tools, fine felting materials (hand-dyed silks, felting kits), and original fiber art. HeartFelt Silks is the creative collaboration of Robbin Firth, an accomplished fiber artist and educator, and Harry Firth, a master wood artisan. Our small business is based in Stillwater, Minnesota, where all of our products are made. We are also at www.heartfeltsilks.com

The Palm Washboard line of felting tools, Robbin’s and Harry’s invention, greatly simplify the wet felting and nuno felting processes. Ergonomically designed, they eliminate the need for strenuous hand-rolling. Designed and handcrafted one-at-a-time, the patented Palm Washboard felting tools are used daily by many feltmaking professional artists and felting enthusiasts around the world.

The HeartFelt Silks retail and teaching studio is currently located at the Seasons on St. Croix Gallery in Hudson, WI. It carries a range of Robbin Firth hand-dyed and hand-felted garments and accessories, as well as wall and sculptural art, and home decor objects. Robbin maintains a busy teaching schedule of private and group classes in wet felting, nuno felting, and eco-dyeing. Robbin’s work is available in several other fine boutiques.

Robbin Firth has been active in fiber arts for over 20 years. She enjoys working with raw fibers, carding and blending, spinning, and knitting, but wet felting and dyeing (including eco-dyeing) are her main passions. Her felt art is featured in the 2016 “Worldwide Colors of Felt” book, and her wearable and wall art was the subject of a solo exhibition at The Textile Center in Minnesota in 2016.

Harry Firth has worked with wood craft for over 25 years. In addition to making furniture and other various wood objects (hat blocks, yarn bowls, shawl pins), he also does chainsaw milling and art. He has been lathe-turning for over 10 years. Each Palm Washboard felting tool is entirely handmade by Harry Firth, in a sustainable way, using wood from native Minnesota fallen trees, including maple, black walnut, black cherry, red and white oak.

Harry and Robbin collaborate on a variety of creative art projects.

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Robbin Firth is an acclaimed fiber artist and educator. She is known in the Midwest, nationally, and internationally, for her original collection of fine felted and dyed wearable and decorative fiber art. Robbin’s felt art has appeared in numerous publications in the US and abroad. She regularly teaches workshops in felting and dyeing in her studio at SEASONS. She has also taught the art of feltmaking in other U.S. states as well as in Ireland and the UK. Robbin and her husband Harry Firth are inventors and creators of unique hand-crafted Palm Washboard® feltmaking tools.